Liebster Award & style crisis

Hi my cuties X)

Thank you zhenya for the nominating for the liebster award! I'm really happy about it, but:
I won't take part on the "liebster award". I have some reasons for it. The first reason and it's the main reason: I don't know 11 persons who i can & want nominate for the liebster award. I would know the half. So i can't fullfill the rules.

Anyway i will answer her questions:

1. A Lolita dress that you don't like/is ugly?
There are a lot of dresses i don't like. If i have to choose one then it's "sleeping garden" from moi même moitié. However, i don't like the most moitié dresses. But everyone to his taste.

2. Rain or snow?/
Snow! I love snow X)

3. Do you wear Make-Up almost every day?
Yes! Even if i have to work xD

4. Are you collecting something?
Hrm otks and lipgloss xD

5. Short socks, knee socks or overknee socks?
All of them. If i have to prefer someone then overknee socks.

6. (When you are not wearing Lolita) Do you prefer jeans/long trousers or skirts/short pants?
I prefer skirts or short pants

7. Do you have an idol/Star/person who you want to meet? If yes, who is it?/
Yes of course. Not an idol, but a star. Josh Hartnett. I really like him as an actor. And Tsubasa Masuwaka. She is so beautyfull!
Such a big contrast... xD

8. Which colors do you like to wear?
Black, rosy, ivory, blue... all?

9. Cooking or baking?
Baking. I love both but i prefer baking! XD

10. Are you online everyday?
 ooooohhhhh yes. XD

11. Do you play video games? If yes, which is your favorite video game?
Yes i'm gaming a lot! I have no favorite games yet. But i think it will change in one or two days X) then it will be "aliens colonial marines" xD

So this was the first part of this blog entry.
And now i want to tell you, what's going on in my head (\>3< /)
I have a style crisis DX I don't know in which way i want to go with my own style.
I'm so undecided.
So i ask you: More sweet mixed with hime or more classic mixed with hime?
more Bright colors or dark colors?
Haircolor: blond, brown or black?